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hey everyone, you'll be happy to know that i am free from uni now and i'm slowly working my way through the masses of messages i have, i'll be drawing and posting art more too ^^ thank you for your patience guys :D 

tags; been tagged twice by :iconartistgt: and by :iconsmilingchesire: and finally got time to do them :XD: sorry guys :XD: 

ArtistGT's one ^^ 
1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2.Write 13 things about yourself.
3.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6.It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (not doing it anyway :XD: if people want to do it be my guest but i'm not tagging people :XD:
7.Tag backs are allowed. 
8.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you. (screw this :XD:

1. black is my favourite colour 
2. i have blue hair 
3. i study medieval history at uni
4. i've been researching norse mythology for 8/9 years now 
5. i love anime, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood is my favourite series, and tales of Vespire: first strike is my favourite movie
6. metal/rock is my favourite genre of music 
7. i am a girl :D (don't let the username fool you :XD:)
8. 90% of my clothes are black :XD: 
9. i'm a fan of supernatural 
10. i cannot tolerate rudeness 
12. i think funko pop figures are pretty neat :XD: 
13. i'm a major marvel nerd :XD:

1. Which Oc do you think is your best one? 
i don't know :XD: don't ask me to pick between my babies :XD: 
2. If you could take a character from an anime to live with you for a day, who would it be and why? 
oooh Natsu from Fairy Tail :XD: it'd be so much fun :XD: 
3. Have you ever thought about gender bending a character (OC or not) for fun?
i haven't but that does sound reallll tempting :XD: 
4. Do you prefer reading western comics or manga? 
:nuu: don't make me choooose :XD: i guess Manga as i'm less picky with the art style (i won't read comics if i don't like the artist's style) but i won't touch any romance manga etc. 
5. Does it take a lot of effort to create new characters for you?
i guess, its more time consuming than effort though ^^
6. What inspires you the most during the moment of drawing?
gotta get the image in my head down on paper before it vanishes :XD:
7. What captivates you to watch/read something?
a good story and solid characters 
8. Have you ever heard of our Lord and savior the Smoking Unicorn? 
nope :XD: 
9. If you could have any wish granted, what would it be? 
never be sick or have my love ones be sick again :XD: 
10. Totally random question: If you had to choose between hitting someone with a brick and have a 50% of the brick hitting you back at 100km/h, or having to jump from a really high place and have a 50% chance of bouncing back up, what would you choose? 
that's like asking which one do you prefer to die from :XD: i guess i'll take the building as i can't stand things touching my nose :XD:
11. Do you like searching for secrets in backgrounds, songs, character's names and stuff of the sort?
all the time :XD: 
12. Is there something you really want to do, but never get to? 
hmm, go walking in the country side, mostly near sunset 
13. What's the least funny thing for you? 
trolls who thiink they're funny.. 

my questions for whoever wants to do it ^^ 
1. chocolate cake or tacos? 
2. how do you feel about knitted stuff? 
3. if you could become a master of one thing in art (eg. shading, sketching, coming up with ideas) what would it be? 
4. what do you find the hardest about making a new character? 
5. how attached do you become to your OCs? 
6. do you doubt your skill? 
7. whose your favourite artist on dA? 
8. if you could pause time what would you do? 
9. if you could shape shift what would you change into first? 
10. what's your favourite tv show? why? 
11. favourite movie? 
12. what's the most annoying thing about dA for you? 
13. you like mythology? 

right, onto Smilingchesire's tag ^^
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.

Loki was tagged ^^ 
Loki- Reference by sir-hattington

Loki's fire by sir-hattington
Disappearing Act by sir-hattington

1. he was one of the first OCs i ever made ^^
2. his magic is extremely powerful but erratic and unstable, but he can do a lot. but because its unstable he's learnt how to trick people without it 
3. i always draw him as a teen as that's when he's happiest in his life ^^ (the older he gets the sadder his situation becomes) 
4. he hates cold weather, it makes old wounds ache and he'd rather forget that he ever has them at all
5. is an absolute weed :XD: really skinny and rather short, which is shocking when considering how much he eats
6. loves to cook as well as eat, has gotten pretty good at it over the years 
7. likes to study and learn stuff but doesn't want anyone to know about that (doesn't want to be known as a bookworm :XD:
8. as a god of fire has a fear of the water, doesn't like it covering his face at all (of course when he takes other forms, like a fish instinct beats fear). though he's always hated water, his fear wasn't helped when his father tried to drown him. 

if you want to do this tag comment and i'll give you a character :D 
"The first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!"

seen this around a lot and looks like a really cool thing to do ^^ 

1. :iconshmitytheshmoo:
Terri Bull by ShmityTheShmoo Just a sketch by ShmityTheShmoo<da:thumb id="647408088"/>

2. :iconartistgt: 

Miayu sketch by ArtistGT Mikazuchi The Victorious by ArtistGT Villian Showcase by ArtistGT

3. :iconnoteblue13: 

Kamikakushi by NOTEBLUE13  Gabi by NOTEBLUE13  Under the Skin by NOTEBLUE13

4. :iconiglybo: 

Viking Pouch by Iglybo  Freyja with her cats by Iglybo  Sir-hattington's Sigyn by Iglybo

that's right folks, as a thank you for reaching over 100 watchers (seriously thank you all for that :la:) i am doing requests :D 
if you want free art from me comment below what you want ^^ 
this is only open to my fabulous watchers :D :happybounce:
Requests are open until i change my journal again ^^ 
halloween meme i was tagged in by :iconiglybo:


- Pick 13 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 13 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.
- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters!
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! Pumpkin


1. Thor
2.  Sigyn
3. Heimdall
4. Sif
5. Loki
6. Odin 
7. Angroboda
8. Freyja 
9. Fenrir 
10. Tyr 
11. Bragi
12. Hel
13. Thrud


1. Before you do anything, you found [5] Loki and [1] Thor in your room in the middle of a staring contest. What was your reaction and do they ask you for candies?

Me: *sits down next to them* Loki where are the sweets? 
Loki: *opens his mouth revealing that it is stuffed with sweets, some still in their wrappers* 
Me: son of a-
Thor: ha! you looked away i win :XD:

2. Phew. You managed to shove them back to their world(s). For some reason, people in [5] Loki's world immediately praising his/her fabulous hair when they see him/her. Why is that? (If [5] doesn't have hair or fur, choose whatever body part you want)

Loki: about time, my hair is fabulous :XD: *has it done up in a ornate almost Antoinette style, complete with feathers*

3. Meanwhile [1] Thor have been hired to be the new mascot of a Halloween supply shop and is standing in the shop all dressed up neatly in a lolita dress (with a matching wig too if you want) when [7] Angroboda walks in and sees him/her.

Thor: *face as pink as the dress, humiliated*
Angrboda: *looks him up and down* this suits you better than a wedding dress ;) 

4. Ooh [10] Tyr was the old mascot of the shop before he/she was fired! What was the reason and any hard feeling?

Tyr: *laughing in Thor's face* better you than me little brother :XD: 
Thor: SHUT UP 

5. Inspired by [10] Tyr's situation, [7] Angrboda is writing a depressed poem and [4] Sif have been chosen to be the lucky first reader. How does it go?

Sif; err.. its nice..? ^^; 

6. Enlightened up by the masterpiece, [4] Sif calls [11] Bragi and [8] Freyja for a drink to talk about life and sophisticated matters. Where would they go?

Sif: lets go a human bar :D 
Bragi: ok :shrug: 
Freyja: no :XD: lets go to a Jotun bar ^^ 
Bragi: ok :shrug: 
Sif/Freyja: *sigh at Bragi's indecisiveness* 

7. While drinking, [4] Sif, [11] Bragi and [8] Freyja see [3] Heimdall and [9] Fenrir walking in, wearing each other's clothing (if your chars don't wear clothes, they are in each other's color scheme/markings). What are their reactions?

Sif: what?
Freyja: alright boys? ;) 
Bragi: err.. you two feeling ok? 
Heimdall: i need a drink.. 
Fenrir: *uncomfortable* get me one. 

8. The real reason is [3] Heimdall and [9] Fenrir's souls or whatever was switched. It's mean [3] Heimdall is in [9] Fenrir's body and the opposite. And killing [8] Freyja is the only way to switch their bodies back...

Fenrir: *conflicted* if that's what it takes.. 
Heimdall: for your own sake don't even try.. 

9. Just joking. Their body switching effect will wear off after 24 hours. But how was [8] Freyja?

Freyja: *downs her drink and chuckles* they couldn't kill me if they tried :XD: 
Fenrir/Heimdall: :nuu: 

10. Ok enough with the randomness. Time for the main event. [13] Thrud invited everyone in the group to an awesome Halloween party in the woods. Everyone except for [2] Sigyn. How come?

Thrud: i have nothing against Sigyn but.. she can be a stickler for rules... and is likely to tell my mum if i do anything.. 

11. Uh oh. Looks like [6] Odin got lost in the woods when trying to get to the party. Feels like being watched, [6] Odin slowly turns back and see a tall, thin, no-face man in a black suit with tentacles behind his back... Slendy?

Odin: *already annoyed at being lost* what the f**k do you want?
Odin: *gets to the party wearing Slendy's skin* hey everyone  

12. Back to [2] Sigyn, he/she decided to come to the party anyway. [2] Sigyn got on a random public vehicle and... DING DING! It turned out to be a television game show where you can answer questions to win money! Hosted by a clown! Do they agree to play it? Heck, do they even know what is a television game show? 

Sigyn: what's going on? :nuu: 

13. Oh I forgot to mention that they will lose their soul, or life, or both if they lose the game.

Loki: nope, that's MINE!

14. In the meantime [10] Tyr and [12] Hel are having a fun time poking graves in an abandoned grave yard on their way to the party. But some ghosts aren't very happy about this...

Ghosts: *giving Tyr a filthy look as they can't do anything with their queen watching*
Tyr: lame, thought they'd be more up for a fight... 
Hel: *ignoring him* 

15. Well looks like [10] Tyr have been haunted by an honest spirit and have to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth what he/she has in mind. Oh dear, I hope [10] Tyr will be alright. By the way what is his/her thought about [12] Hel?

Tyr: you have the best big brother in the world Hel, Fenrir is the son i never had, he's such a good kid your dad doesn't deserve him.. i'd love to get to know you and Jormungandr better, we'd make a good family... 
Hel: *awkward uncomfortable silence* 

16. [10] Tyr and [12] Hel meet up with [3] Heimdall (still in [9] Fenrir body) along the way. Hearing the case of [10] Tyr, does [3] Heimdall  try to do anything to help?

Heimdall: i am not Fenrir, Tyr go away and leave me alone, Hel sor this out now. you're the goddess of death can't you just switch things back
Hel: *raises an eyebrow at Heimdall, unimpressed by his tone* 

17. Big news! [13] Thrud is actually a vampire! If they are already a vampire, they are now a sparkling pink fairy. What is [4] Sif reaction when he/she finds out?

Sif: *hugging her tightly* how did my precious little baby become a monster??? 
Thrud: *struggling to breath* helppp.... 

18. If [1] Thor had the ability, what would [1] Thor make [7] Angrboda wear for the party?

Thor: *wrapping her in numerous layers of clothes* that's better ^^
Angrboda: -_-

19. Well lets make them happy for a day shall we? [7] Angrboda is now wearing the chosen outfits by [1] Thor. What is [5] Loki reaction when he/she see [7] Angrboda?

Loki: Angrboda...? no.. where's the cleavage? 
Angrboda; under about 20 jumpers.. 

20. Dashing isn't it. Oh wow everyone have arrived at the party! (If anyone was killed in the previous questions, they are now zombie) Describe the party a bit and/or make [6] performs something!
*party in full swing, Heimdall still in Fenrir's body catching up numerous girls while Fenrir looks on in horror. Thor is stopping Loki from doing stupid things, Freyja and Angrboda chatting up guys, Sigyn and Sif staying out of the mayhem, Bragi playing music while Tyr tries talking to a bored and disinterested Hel* 
Odin: *chuckles and casts a spell filling the air with comical ghosts* 

21. You know what, [3] Heimdall and [9] Fenrir? [13] Thrud is the culprit who responsible for your body switching...

Thrud: errr... happy Halloween? ^^; 
Heimdall: you are the worst niece. ever. 
Fenrir: please change us back... 

22. The party is over! Tag someone or lets drunk [11] Bragi says something to end the meme!

Bragi: on this eve of merriment and fright, i bid you all a good night 
want to draw something cute and couple-ly but can't chose a couple so leaving it up to you guys :XD: 
the options are 
1) Loki and Sigyn 
2) Odin and Frigg
3) Sif and Thor 

or suggest a couple from Norse mythology which i have not suggested ^^
hello boys and girls :iconpumpkinplz:
just a little update on things ^^ 
i have started uni again so activity may drop for a little while, sorry guys ^^; 

also THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OVER 23,000 :la: 
just shooting a hypothetical out there, but as we are all creative types here, some who want or have gotten their creativeness published, would you use a pen name? ^^
personally I would, but i'm curious if any of you would think of it ^^
I know long time no see, but due to personal reasons I've been able to draw/write or do anything really :XD:

I am slowly getting through messages etc. currently over 6000 >.> do plan to be more active ^^

hope you all are well :D
make this short.
due to technically issues (laptop is dying) not going to be on as much until probably November, sorry guys, miss you.
still have little motivation to draw :( though am writing more.. sort of.. and working on cosplay.. slowly.. so yeah, still no motivation.

hope you guys are well ^^ adios until soon ^^
 hey guys, little update ^^
firstly I'm back at school so I have that delightful jazz to deal with :| oh well, last year :iconvictorydanceplz:
secondly I have been struck with a sudden and unshiftable lack of motivation to do, well, anything much really :| its getting frustrating and I do apologies for not answering messages, I will get around to it promise, it will happen soon. have so many deviations to look at...
thirdly when I have had motivation I have been working on none drawing stuff, like my cosplay or other projects so hopefully you'll have a chance to see it when its done :D
exams are over, Smeagol is freee! :iconvictorydanceplz:
so I shall be drawing/writing/answering messages :la:
OHHHHH and I shall be cleaning up my gallery, sorry folks :D
I got tagged a couple of times but before I do that I should tell you that I have exams coming up :nuu: sooooo I shan't be drawing as much and I shouldn't be online as much (but knowing me this isn't going to happen :dummy:)

anyway, twas tagged by Lokasenna-a and pallasrain ^^

Pallasrain's questions
1. Favourite drink?
2. Do you like cats?
more of a dog person myself ^^
3. Favourite mythological character?
GAHH don't make me chose! I can only narrow it down by
4. Do you like to drink water?
meh, I'm indifferent ^^
5. Favourite author (excluding fan fiction and fiction press)?
6. Favourite TV series?
hmmm.... criminal minds, Fullmetal alchemist of supernatural ^^
7. Favourite eye colour (preferably real, but can be imagined)?
not really, no
8. Do you have imaginary friends?
yes, I draw them a lot :XD:
9. Favourite animated film? (Sorry, copying)
hmm... Howl's moving castle or Nightmare before Christmas :D
10. Do you like chocolate?

right, Lokasenna-a's questions
01. do u play acnl

02. would you watch keroro gunso if i asked you to
if it sounded like my sort of thing
03. rate my "art" on a scale from 1 - 10
hmmm...  a 7?

04. did you know that olaf is in keroro gunso??… <--
understood none of that :dummy:

05. if you like keroro gunso then what are your ships [give me all of them.] [u dont gotta answer if u dont omg<3]
06. i'm out of questions uh UH do you like Norse mythology?
YES :stare:

07. if you were a pokemon what would you be 
haven't seen Pokémon since I was 7 :| 

08. would you buy a commission if i put them up [dont worry i wont be offended seriously tell me]
nah sorry ^^; 

09. would you do an art trade with me 8)
if I had the time yes ^^

10. look at this… arent they FUCKING adorable
if you want to, rank them
[mekeke's the cutest just to let you know
...or yukiki]
do I have to?.. :XD:

saw this journal (…) had to do it myself :XD:


[x] You love to laugh and make others laugh
[ ] You love attention
[x] You love to explore and travel
[/] You don't mind extreme temperatures (only cold)
[x] You love to eat
[x] You enjoy acting, becoming into someone you're not
[/] You expect too much from others
[ ] You're overly conceited
[ ] You act impulsively, without thinking
[x] You are never satisfied
TOTAL: 6... not bad..

[x] You value intelligence
[/] You're strong (working on it)
[x] You love learning
[x] You are stubborn
[x] You enjoy testing yourself
[x] You tend to think a little too much
[ ] You want kids. lots. [NO, NEVER]
[x] You are afraid of the future
[x] You are power-hungry / a control freak
[/] You have done something to someone that you regret

[ ] You are often jittery, constantly moving
[ ] You tend to be introverted
[ ] You are shy
[ ] You don't like to think too hard about something
[ ] You are very indecisive
[/] You like to experience new things, but you don't quite know what to do with it
[ ] You are a follower
[ ] You crumble under pressure
[ ] You hate being cold
TOTAL: 0.5

[ ] You are gentle
[x] You are closer to your mother than your father
[ ] You worry too much
[/] You are rarely angered
[/] ...But when you ARE angered, Yggdrasil help us.
[x] You refuse to judge others for looks
[ ] You are quiet
[ ] You are great at using a bow and arrow / show great interest in it
[/] Nobody listens to you enough
[ ] You are tall compared to others your age
TOTAL: 3.5

[ ] You are gruff
[ ] You secretly care about someone you're mean to
[ ] You feel that others need to learn their place
[ ] You aren't very clever
[ ] You are closer to your father than your mother
[x] You don't measure up to as much as you wanted
[x] You are a perfectionist
[ ] Status matters to you
[ ] You are somewhat violent when it comes to arguments
[/] If somebody starts crying, you freeze up
TOTAL: 2.5

[ ] You love deeply
[/] But you also hate deeply
[ ] You have lost a loved one
[x] You dislike showing emotion (more than anything...)
[/] You hate mediocrity
[x] You love relaxation
[ ] You have a hard time cheering up
[x] You enjoy reading
[ ] You have a good status
[ ] Your vision is not so good

[ ] You are calm
[x] You root for the underdog
[x] You love sitting by a warm fire
[ ] You like to look nice and dress yourself [and others] up
[x] You aren't afraid to stand up for the ones you love
[/] ...Or anyone who is being unfairly treated
[ ] You are unlucky (don't believe in such things :XD:)
[x] You love to sleep
[x] You get sick often or have a health condition
[ ] You guide others down the right path (no one listens to my advice :XD:)
TOTAL: 5.5

[ ] You are musically talented (I wish :XD:)
[ ] You have a multitude of friends and/or admirers (I wish :XD:)
[/] You are wise (working on it :dummy:)
[ ] You often come off as too serious
[ ] You don't understand jokes that often
[x] You can be blunt
[x] You are comfortable as you are
[ ] You dislike travel
[ ] You are elegant (:rofl:)
[ ] You are very motherly in manner
TOTAL: 2.5

[ ] You are quiet, not many know you well
[x] You are very loyal
[ ] You thrive on the happiness of others
[/] You are kind
[/] You are willing to endure many struggles for those you love
[ ] You have a soothing presence, others appear calm around you
[x] You aren't easily irritated
[x] You are clumsy
[/] You live a simple life
[/] ...But you are much smarter than people think you are
so... most like Odin... should I be worried? :XD:
progress is sloowwwww and stuff keeps getting in the way, so sorry for a present/future lack of art. sorry to say I do not think that'll change anytime soon. I know it sucks, sorry

happy new year folks! :party:

hope you all had a fantastic holiday and wish you all the best for the new year :D

cleaning out my gallery, if you don't want me to get rid of anything your desperately fond of just yell :D

you have till Friday (or later :XD:

the gnomes have been conquered and I have my laptop working again :w00t:

on another note, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE 60000+ PAGEVIEWS!!
sooo in order to say thanks i want you awesome people to ask my characters anything you want and i'll make sure they answer them :D  

I've upset the gnomes who run my computer and they've gone on strike as a  result, I am fighting them bravely but fear I maybe semi-dead to you guys for a while, my deepest apologies :XD:
1.- You must posts these rules. fine...
2.-  Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. haha noope
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged. not happening
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people. make me.
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags. well, tough, it's too much effort.
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

ok, ten things about me:
1. I like drawing :dummy: 
2. I like writing :dummy:
3. I like Norse mythology :dummy:
4. i'm studying psychology
5. I'm going to comic-con next week :squee:
6. I need to finish my cosplay :stare:
7. i'm a dog person
8. I hate ants... I hate them so much..
9. Vikings are cool, deal with it
10. i'm sleepy :sleepy:
1) Do you have any siblings?
yes. two.
2) What is your favourite TV show?
glob.. don't make me choose...
3) What are your thoughts on pancakes?
I can't eat much, but I do like them :D
4) Do you like movies? If so which is your favourite? If no, why not?
glob I love movies! Lets see, Thor, Avengers, Iron Man 2, Lord of the Rings (all of them), The Hobbit, Star trek: into darkness
5) Favoured genre of music and why?
rock and metal, I don't really know why, I guess because I identify with it and IT'S AWESOME!! :headbang:
6) Favourite food or drink?
coffee and Chinese food
7) Favourite video game?
8) All of the tagged people are watchers. How did you come across me?
that Norse mythology group, twas impressed by your art and started talking to you :D
9) How do you feel about being tagged?
mehhhh :shrug:
10) If you could have any animal as a pet, which would it be?
i'm happy with my dog :D


howdy :D
ok first of all, I have every intention to finish my comic, I am writing it! just very very slowly... :iconlazycryplz:

secondly I unfortunately have to have a blog for my creative writing course which needs to be updated fortnightly soo... if anyone's interested shout and i'll link you up but if anything is worth anything i'll dump it here :D